The 2010 Pico Projector and Pocket Projector Guide and Reviews

October 1, 2010 / By Jennifer Stringfellow
Sponsored by:DLPcom_logo Update 1/2011 - Added are: Reviews of the P1 Jr. and the Optoma XP8000 external battery pack for their PK301 pico projector. Note, the 2011 Pico projector report has been moved up to June of 2011. Look for pico reviews (that will be included in the report) to start appearing in February. The 2011 Pico projector report will cover a lot more projectors, and some combo units (ie. camcorders and digital cameras with built in pico projectors. Last year we reviewed three pico projectors and a pocket projector in our first look at these new and especially small projectors. There are a lot more pico projectors around a year later, including any number of brand X models. This year's selection of projectors for review - consists of 5 fairly different pico projectors, and one "pocket" projector. This report has just been posted. You've waited long enough (we're behind schedule). Proofing will take a couple of days. More content about pico projectors - and pocket projectors, will be added.
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