The 2014-2015 Classroom Projector Report: The Best Projectors For Schools

May 6, 2014 / By Jennifer Stringfellow
We wish to thank Epson America for sponsoring this year's Best Classroom Projectors report. 2014-2015-classroom-projector-report-logoOur Education Report this year - for the 2014-2015 school year, looks not only at projectors for the K-12 classroom and multi-purpose room, but also on projectors for higher education, both for those medium and large classrooms and auditoriums, that are significantly larger than the typical K-12 classroom.  There's also need in Education for equipping teachers who travel from location to location, so we have a fresh crop of powerful LED "pocket" projectors Each year we build this Education Report around 15 (or more) projectors that we have reviewed in the previous months, that are suitable for educators in one environment or another.   Our goal is to demonstrate a wide range of capabilities, to help decision makers understand the options, and choose wisely.  Those decision makers include IT and AV managers, Tech coordinators, teachers/professors, as well as people on the business side, such as buyers.  There are far more than 500 business and education projectors currently available.  It would be a herculean task for even a large publisher as at least 1/3 of those are particularly suitable for the education market. I recommend our full Guide to The Education Projector Report - these are the topics covered:
  • What's in This Year's Report
    • Reviews Section - Links to the 17 Projectors we reviewed
    • About our Annual Best In Classroom Awards
  • Defining Expectations
    • District Level/State Level IT/AV/Tech Coordinator
    • School Level IT/AV/ Tech Coordinator
    • Teacher
    • Teacher - A driving force for technology in your school
    • Buyers:  School, District, State, Consortium
  • Understanding the physical classroom environment for projector selection
  • Special Features
  • Awards
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