Best in Class – Under $1000 Value Home Entertainment: ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

August 24, 2018 / By Project Reviews Staff
ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

This is the second projector in this sub-$1000 Class that won an award in last year’s report, and is back for a repeat. This time it is the Best Value Home Entertainment Projector.

This Viewsonic is just a bit rough around the edges – right out of the box it has some good color modes, but you can count on BenQ and Epson to offer modes with even better color. Still, the ViewSonic can be easily tweaked – you can try our calibration settings, so no problem there.

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ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Overview

It plays second fiddle to Epson’s Home Cinema 1060, primarily for two reasons. The Epson can deliver better, more accurate color when comparing brighter modes, with both outputting 2,300 lumens or so. The ViewSonic’s better modes still aren’t as accurate as the Epson’s, but get close.

In addition, overall, the Epson’s color is simply more accurate. The ViewSonic does not offer a full set of calibration controls, which limited Eric’s adjustments (it does have a full CMS – color management system – to calibrate the individual colors, but not full greyscale controls).

Under $1000 Best in Class Best Value Home Entertainment ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

On the other hand, the ViewSonic offers some interesting benefits – it’s shorter throw than most home projectors, so sits closer to your screen, a plus for many (gamers in particular tend to like that).

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ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Red
The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL has some good color in several modes, right out of the box.

Speaking of gaming, the input lag is a spectacularly excellent 16ms, only one frame per second behind on 60fps games. Few projectors do much better than double that lag!   That makes this an excellent choice if gaming on the big screen is one of the things motivating you to get a projector!

You’ll have 3D as well. On the missing feature side, just like the Epson 1060, this Viewsonic has no CFI for smooth motion. What it has is a pretty rock bottom price for a bright 1080p projector.

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The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL: What Makes It a Value Projector

So, the PJD7828HDL is definitely a nice projector, but why the Best Value award? Easy: Great 3 year parts and labor warranty, combined with a rock bottom price for what you get – street price is under $600! That puts it roughly $200 less than the Epsons, and that $200 and change can be spent on better sound, a Nintendo Switch – whatever you need most, or a night out on the town?

Once again, (or rather still), ViewSonic seems to be the low price leader when it comes to entry level 1080p projectors! This really has been going on for years.

And, I might note, the lowest prices I’ve seen to date, on any of the 4K UHD projectors, also happens to be one of ViewSonic’s models. That’s the PX727-4K, which earns a Best In Class award, but the PX727-4K’s award is in the $1000 - $2500 Class.

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ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Review

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