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Comparison Reviews

Custom Integration Report and Information
December 23, 2020

Custom Integration Report, sponsored by Sony, provides you with the information you need about relevant features and technologies to ensure that you choose the right components and products for your specific application.

BenQ TH585 vs. Vankyo V630 Comparison Review
April 12, 2020

In this review we compare two projectors - the BenQ TH585 and the Vankyo V630 head-to-head.

BenQ HT5550 vs. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB Comparison Review
September 9, 2019

Comparing Benq’s HT5550 with Epson’s Home Cinema 5050UB is a project I have long been looking forward to. For the first time in years, we have a reasonably priced DLP projector in the $2,000+ range that is a worthy challenger to the latest of Epson’s U ...

First Look Review of BenQ TK800 4K UHD Projector – Is Better For You Than The BenQ HT2550?
April 27, 2018

First look review of the BenQ TK800 4K UHD projector and comparison of it to the BenQ HT2550.

Optoma UHD60 Projector Review and Comparison to UHD65
December 12, 2017

Review of the Optoma UHD60 home theater projector and how it compares to the Optoma UHD65.

Affordable 4K Capable Projectors Comparison
September 14, 2017

This report compares six affordable 4K capable projectors to help you choose the right one for you.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB vs. JVC DLA-RS400U - A Comparison Review
September 22, 2016

Here, we will compare two home theater projectors: the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB and JVC DLA-RS400U. I consider these two projectors and their variations – the Home Cinema 5040Ube and Pro Cinema 6040UB on one hand and the DLA-X550R on the other – ...

JVC DLA-RS600U vs. Sony VPL-VW365ES - A Comparison Review
September 22, 2016

Here, we will compare two home theater projectors: the JVC DLA-RS600U and the Sony VPL-VW365ES. These two higher end home theater projectors are very different from each other, which will either drive you crazy trying to choose, or make it simple. ...

Epson LS10000 vs JVC DLA-RS6710 - Two Awesome HT Projectors
September 9, 2015

Epson's Pro Cinema LS10000 and JVC's DLA-RS6710 are arguably the two best 1080p projectors under $20,000. This is my opinion which resulted in the Epson LS10000 winning our Best In Class award for projectors priced $3500 and up, while the JVC came ...

Sony VPL-HW55ES Projector vs. Epson HC5030UB Projector
March 29, 2014

Epson's HC5030UB - aka Home Cinema 5030UB takes on Sony's VPL-HW55ES.  This is a battle of what I consider the two best projectors in terms of performance and value, in the $2000 - $3500 street price range. Both projectors offer extensive feature ...

Panasonic PT-AE8000 vs. Sharp XV-Z30000
December 31, 2013

A brief comparison of the Panasonic PT-AE8000 and Sharp XV-Z30000 projectors.

Acer H9500BD vs. Panasonic AR100U
December 31, 2013

A brief comparison of the Acer H9500BD and Panasonic AR100U projectors.

JVC DLA-X95R and DLA-X75R vs. Sony VPL-VW95ES
December 31, 2013

A brief comparison of the JVC DLA-X95R/X75R and Sony VPL-VW95ES projectors.

Epson Home Cinema 3020 vs. Optoma HD25-LV
December 31, 2013

A short comparison of the Epson Home Cinema 3020 and Optoma HD25-LV home theater projectors.

Epson Home Cinema 5030 UB vs. Optoma HD8300
December 31, 2013

A brief comparison of the Epson HC5030UB and Optoma HD8300 projectors.

Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB vs. Panasonic PT-AE2000U-1
October 24, 2013

Looks like we have a rematch here, from last year. Last year, the older Epson Home Cinema 1080 (no "UB"), did battle with the Panasonic PT-AE1000U. In last year's "contest" the results were pretty much a tie, with each projector having some advantages ...

Mitsubishi HC4900 vs Sanyo PLV-Z2000
July 22, 2007

Here are two excellent 1080p home theater projectors, that, at the moment, are the least expensive 1080p projectors on the market. While similar in some ways, they are drastically different in others. This results in a comparison that should make for s ...

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