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The first “manufacturer” below is titled *Comparisons of Projectors. Most years we do several shoot-outs between some of the most popular home theater and home entertainment projectors, you’ll find them first.  From there, it’s all brands alphabetically listed.

This page is for folks who are looking for a review that already know which brand and possibly which projector model they are interested in.

If that’s not you, you might try one of our specific Categories such as Home Theater projectors, Laser Projectors, Education Projectors, DLP projectors, etc.  We have over 20 projector categories although many do overlap, such as 4K projectors and Business Projectors.

If you entered our site here, clicking on our logo will of course take you to our homepage. That page has multiple players to help you find reviews. The first has the most recent and most important reviews, mostly business, education, and commercial projectors,  while the 2nd player has our top 15 home theater projectors.  There is a player for Pico and Pocket Projectors.

Another great resource for those looking for business or education models, is our annual Best Education Projectors report, as many business and education projectors are interchangeable.

Home Theater aficionados can also check out our annual Best Home Theater Projectors report.

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