Epson Firmware Update for the 5040UB, 6040UB and 4040UB

Posted on August 22, 2017 By Phil Jones
Your projector is the jewel of your home theater, and Epson knows it. The manufacturer is constantly looking to improve upon their products, and has come out with a firmware update for the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, the Pro Cinema 6040UB, and the Pro Cinema 4040UB projectors. In this video, Art Feierman walks us through the process of updating the firmware, and provides a bit of insight as to what the firmware update actually does. The Epson firmware update relates to HDR, aiming to improve upon it. It adds something called "Auto Bright," which, when selected, will switch to HDR 1 (most people's preferred setting for HDR) instead of HDR 2 - a setting most consider to be too dark. Previously, using the Auto setting for HDR would auto-select HDR 2. Art goes over all of that in the video, and why it matters. Editor's Note: Again, you’ll want to use the Auto Bright, instead of Auto, if you prefer, as we do, using HDR1. Please look at our calibration page for other adjustments. We have a full set of screenshots, showing all the settings for three viewing modes. A bright mode for 1080 content (and lower), our “best” mode for 1080p content, and a mode for HDR with BT.2020. For example, we significantly change the contrast setting when using Auto Bright, (HDR1), because otherwise, it crushes the near bright areas. There are two links to follow in order to update your Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, Pro Cinema 6040UB, or Pro Cinema 6040UB, and those can be found below. Enjoy the video! Instructions: Firmware file:
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