Sony LaserLite VPL-PHZ10 Laser Projector Review

April 13, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

The WUXGA resolution VPL-PHZ10 projector is one of Sony’s two newest laser projectors.  These LaserLite models are billed as the first affordable laser projectors for business and education. The other model is the VPL-PWZ10 which is very similar, but lower resolution of WXGA (1280x800). Both have some impressively high list prices, but Sony reports that these two new laser projectors should street price right around $3000 for this PHZ10, while the PWZ10 should street for about $2199. The lower cost PWZ10 should start shipping in August while this model, the VPL-PHZ10 is scheduled to ship first - in June, in line with the Display industry’s big Infocomm show).

For our review we were provided with an engineering sample of the VPL-PHZ10 projector. As such, we understand there will be a number of minor changes, and fixes. Still, this sample performed extremely well on all the usual types of content. The feature set is impressive, and virtually everything seems to be fully functional on the demo, although we, as usual, do not test LAN networking.

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