Sony VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector Review - Picture Quality

October 22, 2015

/ By Art Feierman

SONY VPL-FHZ65 LASER PROJECTOR - PICTURE QUALITY:  Out of the Box Color, Skin Tone Handling, Black Levels and Dark Shadow Detail, Video Quality, Overall Picture Quality When set to "typical" settings - 6500K or 7500K color temperature, Standard mode, the FHZ65 produces very accurate looking color, not over the top at all.  In Dynamic mode, the image has a bit more pop to it, including more lumens - better for cutting through ambient light, but still the colors were in good balance even if the dynamics are shifted.  This Sony has extensive color controls - rivaling any home theater projector, so you can obtain the color you want, put in a full calibration, etc.  Bad color is possible, but it seems you have to work at it. Many requirements for a projector in this class don't demand great color, or even particularly good color.  Some do.  But no one is going to complain bitterly  that a projector's color is much better than they need.

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