Sony VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector Review

October 22, 2015

/ By Art Feierman

Sony's VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector offers high performance and better value than earlier commercial laser projectors.

Sony is moving into laser "powered" projectors in a big way.  More than a year ago, they introduced the FHZ65's predecessor, the 4000 lumen FHZ55, which we reviewed.  Sony also has a more expensive 7000 lumen model.  In addition to these WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution projectors Sony also introduced a pair of true 4K commercial projectors with laser engines.  I wrote about those 4K Sonys after Infocomm 2015.

The Sony VPL-FHZ65 is a very capable projector, with many advanced features, so let's get started.

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