Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4K Projector Review - Performance

January 29, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

This page of the VPL-VW5000ES 4K Home Theater projector, looks at the Sony’s brightness, lens throw information for the standard motorized zoom lens, lens shift and Lens Memory. At this point in time the VPL-VW5000ES is a truly unique projector. It’s not the first laser home theater projector by any measure, nor is it the first true 4K projector home theater – Sony’s been shipping those for over three years. Nor is it the brightest home theater projector around, although no serious home theater projector I can think of that costs less than it’s $60K (and supports HDR) is brighter. But, put it all together, and for now it stands apart. True, competition is around the corner. Perhaps most notably JVC’s DLA-RS4500. So let’s start there. This Sony is true 4K, supports HDR, et al. This laser projector claims 5000 lumens. By comparison, when that JVC ships, Q1 2017, that laser 4K projector will retail for a bargain $35,000, but it will sport 3000 lumens. That makes the Sony 67% brighter – no small amount, and in the world of HDR, that can be a real difference in performance. But we’re happy to reserve judgment on the JVC until we get one to review (no easy feat!). More on the competition on our summary page. [sam_pro id=1_50 codes="true"]

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