Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4K Projector Review - Picture Quality - The Experience

January 29, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

OK, the picture is awesome. (Gawd, I hate repeating myself, where's that thesaurus?  There is virtually nothing to complain about.  No projector has immersed me more than this Sony on great HDR content. The VPL-VW5000ES is amazing at everything but black level performance and it's darn good there.  But it's the color and the dynamics of the Sony that are superb.  I picked this Sony up right from one of Sony Corp's demo rooms, at their HQ in San Diego. The color was, if not dead on the money, then it was close enough. I can't tell you though, how dead on, as I didn't have Eric calibrate it.  I can say that after well more than 100 hours of viewing I never noticed a skin tone that looked off, (there's always variation from one piece of content to another, decisions by the director and the colorist, but never did I think that the Sony was not doing it's job right.  Nor did I see a projected primary or secondary color that didn't look right either.  I only once put up color bars, stared at those colors for 15 seconds and said to myself, these look good, so go watch something.  Now different Color modes are geared for different results, so don't take my meaning that all the modes were identical looking. I've written about the effects of HDR in the Special features section. Therefore I'll try not to repeat.  Instead I just want to say, that the only time I notice the "projector" is when I run across one of those really dark scenes that have made deep "black levels" the "holy grail" of HT projectors for many years.  The rest of the time with HDR content your world disappears and you are immersed in the world of the movie or other content you are watching.  BTW, absolutely, positively get yourself Journey to Space and Rocky Mountain Express Blu-ray UHDs.  You want more breathtaking?  Go to the Rockies or sign up for a trip to the space station! [sam_pro id=1_50 codes="true"]  

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