Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector: Performance

December 18, 2015

/ By Art Feierman

VPL-VW665ES 4K PROJECTOR - PERFORMANCE Page 1:  Brightness and Color Temp, Reference mode, Post Calibration Color Temp and Brightness, Eco mode, Lens Position Affect on Brightness This page has not been completed.  The information here is from the VW600ES review done in 2014.  Due to timing, and that I didn't feel a calibration necessary, Mike is just getting to doing the measurements, after I've been working with the projector for a couple of weeks, and writing the rest of the review. The measurement numbers found below should be very close to what the newer VPL-VW665ES produces. I did quick measurements myself.  The VW665ES measured in Reference mode, 8 lumens less than the older VW600ES.  However, that's with my meter, Mike's is a bit more optimistic so should come in several percent higher.  I've only plugged in  new numbers for Reference mode, as well as the affect of Eco mode, and of Lens position, on brightness.  The rest will wait for Mike's numbers.   Where you are seeing Color Temp measurements, those are from the VW600ES until I get Mike's report.

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