ViewSonic M1 Pocket Projector Review – Summary

Posted on November 6, 2018 by Chris Kahl

ViewSonic M1 Pocket Projector Review – Summary: Summary, Pros, Cons


The ViewSonic M1 is a pocket projector boasting exceptional audio quality, with a fairly low price of just $337.  As with most small pocket and pico projectors, the M1 has limited options and has its tradeoffs in favor of audio quality and portability.

This ViewSonic projector offers an onboard media player with built-in 16GB storage. The Harman Kardon speakers offer outstanding audio quality for such a small projector, and the internal battery offers up to 6 hours of run-time depending on use. I tested the battery at full power and found the battery lasted just over three hours – not bad at all! The claim is obviously based on running the projector in battery saving mode.

ViewSonic M1 Pocket Projector Inputs and Connectors
The inputs and connectors found under a door on the side of the ViewSonic M1.

Pocket projectors are not all that bright, generally speaking. The M1 did not meet its claim of 250 lumens, coming in at 153 lumens in its brightest mode. This precludes the M1 from most day-time usage, unless ambient light can be completely shut out. With WVGA resolution (854 x 480), this is not an HD projector. If you aren’t looking for that HD quality, you will not be disappointed in video image quality, whether watching movies, TV shows, sports or gaming, and can expect the projector to have the quality of a DVD.

The ViewSonic M1 is capable of projecting images as small as 24” diagonally, all the way up to 100” diagonally. All the photos in this review were taken at a throw distance of 5 feet, which produced an image of 71” diagonal. Images were decently sharp for the resolution, but came out of focus quickly, which required I readjust focus about 2/3 through The Greatest Showman, and multiple times while gaming.

While this projector makes a decent home entertainment projector and a good choice for the student living in a college dorm or the gamer on-the-go, text is difficult to read and I don’t believe it makes a good choice for presentations.


  • LED Light Source – Maintenance Free, 30,000 hour life
  • Instant On/Off
  • 16GB Internal Storage adds to portability
  • Long Battery Life – Measured Over 3 Hours at Full Power
  • Onboard Media Player is easy to use
  • Powerful speakers delivering good quality sound
  • Sleek Design
  • Carrying case and USB-C Cable Included
  • Smart Stand is functional and looks great
  • Fan is extremely quiet
  • +/- 40 Degree Keystone Correction
  • Eye Protection Setting is cool feature and makes a lot of sense
  • Good 3 year warranty with 1 year express exchange included


  • Lots of Light Leakage (Gray trapezoid surrounding projected image)
  • Did not meet brightness claim of 250 lumens, measuring in at only 153 lumens
  • Frequently falls out of focus

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