ViewSonic PJD-7828HDL Projector Review - Advanced Calibration

August 26, 2018 / By Art Feierman

ViewSonic PJD-7828HDL Projector Review – Advanced Calibration: CMS Calibration, Calibration Charts

CMS Settings for “Best Mode” – Movie Mode


The good news is the PJD7828HDL does provide full CMS controls, the bad news is they do little to help the poor performing color gamut. Red, blue, magenta and yellow were 4 colors I was able make slight improvements too, green & cyan not so much. The end results exhibits both green & red under-saturated at 100% and running towards yellow. Blue is a little over-saturated at 20, 40 & 80%. Cyan’s hue control did not work well so I left it alone. Also, it could not achieve 100% saturation, the best it could do was 80%. Magenta’s 40, 60 & 80% saturation levels were very high with the 80% level reading 100%. Yellow fared the best with just a little error in hue at 100%.

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