ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Performance

January 12, 2018

/ By Nikki Zelinger

ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Contrast, Audible Noise


Color ModeLumens

The ViewSonic PS750W exceeded its 3,300 lumen claim, with Brightest, its brightest mode, coming in at 4,463. Impressive! Most projectors measure between 0% and 25% short of their claim, with Epsons tending to be the exception. I didn't expect this ViewSonic to measure over, but did notice upon powering up that it seemed brighter than 3,300 lumens, which is still quite bright. Now, keep in mind that the 4,463 lumens belong to Brightest Mode, which is only a "break glass in case of emergency" mode, like we discussed on the previous page. The color is just not good enough to be your regular mode, and should only be used to combat some serious ambient light.

The second brightest mode is Standard, which is the PS750W's best mode. That one measured in at a whopping 3,709 – that's plenty bright for most classroom environments. Even sRGB, which measured at 3,372, will suffice in the face of ambient light. Movie Mode, on the other hand, should be reserved for a more darkened room (lights off, windows covered if you can). 2,341 lumens is still pretty bright, but will be washed out if hit dead on with light from the window, or even from the side. For most applications, I still say you'll want to use that Standard Mode.

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It’s always interesting to talk about contrast on a business or education projector. Manufacturer claims tend to be all over the place, with some claiming different numbers between similar models to justify price differences. We don’t tend to pay much mind to contrast claims, even on home theater and home entertainment projectors, and that contrast claim isn’t really important on business and education projectors at all. At Projector Reviews, we’re more interested in how the projector performs, not in how it meets (or doesn’t meet) specs.

That said, the ViewSonic PS750W’s contrast is 10,000:1. Contrast relates to black level performance, which projectors like these don’t tend to have much of. Why should they? Their purpose is to project presentations, text, and the occasional video, so having “the blackest blacks” isn’t really a manufacturer’s concern. The blacks on this projector aren’t bad at all, probably comparable to a home entertainment projector equivalent. That means, not great, but still recognizable as black. In fact, Journey to Space looked really, quite good. I’ve added a photo of one of the space scenes below for your reference.

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ViewSonic PS750W Projector Journey to Space
The blacks look pretty close to black in this photo, taken from Journey to Space - this image, like our other photos, has not been edited.

Audible Noise

ViewSonic claims 29db on the PS750W as its rated fan noise. It is certainly a quiet projector. I didn’t notice the fan when it powered on – that doesn’t mean the sound wasn’t there, only that it wasn’t obnoxious enough for me to hone in on. Without sound, it’s quiet, even from just a few feet away. With sound, you won’t notice the fan at all. Keep in mind that this projector is likely to be wall mounted, and will sit just above the projection surface, right above where the students and teacher are using the interactive features.

Having such a low fan noise rating is a definite plus, as the user will be right up there. I believe my Epson Home Cinema 5040UB has the same fan noise rating, and I can barely hear that except in the transitions between scenes. That projector sits on a high shelf about two feet back and a few feet up from our heads. It doesn’t bother me any, so I’d wager it’ll be the same for those in the classroom setting with this projector.

That does it for our Performance Page! The final page of our review is our Summary Page where we – you guessed it – summarize everything you just read (or skipped over), complete with our take on the pros and cons of the ViewSonic PS750W. Read on!

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