ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Special Features 2

January 11, 2018

/ By Nikki Zelinger

ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Special Features: Vertical Projection, Sealed Optical Engine, SonicMode, Instant Activation

Vertical Projection

ViewSonic PS750W Vertical Projection Feature
The ViewSonic PS750W can project vertically and transforms a table top into an interactive surface.

I love this feature. I think it’s so cool. The basic premise of vertical projection is that you mount the projector above a white tabletop, turning the table’s surface into an interactive one. Students can draw and control the lesson in a fun, creative way, making it more engaging and easier to retain. I think one of the reasons I like the concept of this so much is that it seems so Sci-Fi, like those Holographic computers in Ender’s game. For a kid, this could mean the difference between learning and torturing the teacher by deliberately not learning.

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Sealed Optical Engine

The optical engine of the ViewSonic PS750W is sealed, meaning the light tunnel is protected from dust particles that might settle. You can imagine what a drag it would be to have to get in there and remove dust should a piece settle and cause a spot or blur on the projected image. This keeps up the quality of the image, and also extends the lifetime of the projector. Also worth mentioning is that the PS750W has the option for an advanced air filter that catches more dust than the average filter, according to ViewSonic. This is their Waveform Air Filter.

SonicMode Improves Audio Performance

Alright, rarely do I ever get excited about a business or education projector’s audio quality, but ViewSonic did something cool here! Usually, these types of projectors will have either a mono or stereo speakers built in, and the internal speaker(s) are always lacking in bass and any sort of proper compression or EQ. I always tell people to use external speakers, which Art gets on my case about (sorry, not sorry, I’m an audiophile, no matter what the application). In the case of the PS750W, ViewSonic has included what they call SonicMode, which is enhanced audio performance.

A built-in DSP chip (Digital Signal Processor) is to thank for this. There are three different modes so that you can get the right sound from your content. Those modes are Standard, Speech, and Entertainment. Those last two are designed to tweak the audio to sound best for presentations and video content, which is more than I can say for other classroom projectors! Paired with the dual 10-watt speakers, the PS750W is a force to be reckoned with. I’ll talk some more about my experience with the audio on the Picture and Sound Quality page later in this review.

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Instant Activation

Instant Activation is basically their Instant On function. There are two types: Signal Power On and Direct Power On. In the case of Signal Power On, connect a VGA cable and source and the projector powers up automatically. Direct Power On is a similar function where connecting the power cord to the projector turns it on automatically.

That does it for Special Features. The next few pages will be about the ViewSonic PS750W’s hardware, both projector and interactive pieces. Click the right side button below to continue reading.

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