ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Special Features

January 12, 2018

/ By Nikki Zelinger

ViewSonic PS750W Interactive Projector Review – Special Features: Interactivity, vBoard Software, Wireless Sharing, PC-Free Presenting

PS750W Interactivity

ViewSonic PS750W 10-Point Touch Interactive Feature
The ViewSonic PS750W's 10-Point Touch interactive feature allows multiple users to present simultaneously (image provided by ViewSonic).

The interactive features of the ViewSonic PS750W are plenty and impressive. ViewSonic really went all out, and designed this projector with teachers in mind. The projector is an easy-install and comes with a built-in interactive camera, a wall mount, the interactive module, and two IR pens. It also comes with computer software for Windows called vBoard, which I’ll get into in the following section. The 10-point touch capability allows for multiple presenters to use the interactive features, which can be done using either fingertips or pens. Theoretically, one could have ten presenters at a time, but then, that may just be “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Either way, it’s good to have the option.

The ViewSonic PS750W uses laser curtain technology to create the interactive function, making it easy for teachers to turn their wall or current, “dumb” white board, into an interactive surface. It has 180-degree detection to scan a wider area, and can be adjusted with ease using a visible beam so that the interactive touch is seamless (great for the IT guys who will be installing the projector). Using the included software, teachers can create engaging content that utilizes and combines all learning styles so that they may reach students who may have difficulty learning in the usual visual or auditory way. Kinesthetic learners – those who learn by touch – will particularly benefit, as many of these students struggle with regular presentations.

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vBoard Software

The included vBoard software (ViewBoard) has a host of its own features. Some teachers do not have the luxury of staying in one classroom the entire day, and bouncing between classrooms can mean carting around computers or drives, with the chance of forgetting to load a lesson from the previous classroom. With vBoard, teachers have one account via (sign up with their school email address) that allows them to house all of their lessons in one place and take them from classroom to classroom.

Many teachers are already using Google Drive, One Drive (Microsoft), or Dropbox to store their lessons and notes online, choosing to forgo hard copies entirely. Once registered with, these methods of cloud storage can be integrated with the teacher’s vBoard account. This makes it easy for them to take their lessons home and work on them (as they often do) without having to switch back and forth between a new storage system. I really appreciate this function, as I know my teacher friends do not need another thing to remember, and so I think it is safe to assume other teachers also have enough on their plates without having to transfer all of their content from one storage system to a new one.

The program also allows teachers to record their interactive lessons to share with students later. This is great for students who are absent, as they can receive the day’s lesson via email. It is also a fantastic way to ensure that those students who were there for the lesson get the full benefits of it, as they can review it while they are doing their homework to ensure maximum retention. Recording the lessons also allows teachers to improve their methods for the next year, or share with other teachers who may be struggling with teaching the same content.

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Wireless Sharing with ViewBoard Cast

Another awesome feature of the program is the ViewBoard Cast feature, which is internet-based sharing between connected devices. Teachers can cast, or stream, lessons to students’ Chrome browsers. A lot of schools are going digital, which is great for the students, and have devices like Chromebooks, laptops, or even iMacs for the students to learn with. This is a “green” feature, in that it can save paper (money for the school that can be spent elsewhere), eliminating the need for hardcopy handouts, as well as time for the teachers who will no longer need to run to the copy room to made 30-200+ copies. With that logic, schools would also save money on toner and maintenance for their Xerox machines.

Alternatively, students can stream their content to the teacher using Google Chrome. This makes turning in assignments easier as well. The same function can be used for remote communication with distance students. In my freshman year of high school, I was ill for a long time and had to be home schooled. With a feature like this, I could have attended my classes from home and been a virtual student rather than having a private teacher come to my home. In the future, this could be a good option for those who simply cannot come to school, but would still like to continue learning with the teacher they are used to. Food for thought, school districts.

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PC-Free Presenting

The PS750W has a concealed compartment on the side of the projector that they call their “PortAll.” This allows teachers to use wireless dongles and USB drives to present their own content without use of a computer. In the same way, students can use their own flash drives to load their presentations, making switching between presenters an easy thing – or it would, if the compartment was easily accessible. I’ll get into that a bit later, but just to ease the mind, I’ll say that there is a USB port on the back of the projector that is easier to access, so that would be the one I would recommend if USB drives are going to be taken in and out of the projector often.

ViewSonic PS750W Projector PortAll Compartment
The PortAll compartment, though concealed, as promised, is not easily accessible.

Moving right along, we have our second Special Features page containing more awesome features geared toward making teachers’ lives easier and lessons more fun. Click the button below to be directed to the next page!

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