Vivitek DH3660Z Laser Projector Review – Special Features

December 10, 2019

/ By Nikki Zelinger

Vivitek DH3660Z Laser Projector Review – Special Features: Laser Light Engine, RGBY Color Wheel, Instant On/Instant Off, Wireless Capabilities

Laser Light Engine

The Vivitek DH3660Z has a laser light engine. A laser light engine has several advantages over their lamp based counterparts. Laser projectors often appear to be brighter than lamp based projectors right from the beginning, and have the added bonus of holding that brightness for far longer than their competition.

This projector has a 20,000-hour light engine life, and can be expected to hold the same level of brightness for most of its lifetime. With a lamp based projector, you’ll start to see some loss of brightness after the first several thousand hours of use, with a steady decline thereafter. In the single lifetime of a laser based projector like this one, you could expect to replace the lamp in a lamp based projector 4 or more times. Choosing laser based over lamp will save you time and money in the long run.

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RGBY Color Wheel

RGBY color wheels are of a rarer breed when it comes to DLPs. Typically, in business and education projectors, as well as home entertainment projectors, you’ll find an RGBW color wheel.

That’s a color wheel that has four slices – one red, one green, one blue, and one white. The white slice is actually clear, and allows for all of the “white light” from the projectors light source to shine through. This generally accounts for a higher lumen reading.

RGBY follow the same four-slice pattern, but for one difference: instead of having a clear slice, they’ve opted for yellow. Why? The addition of another color invites a level of improvement over your regular RGBW color wheel.

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In home theater projectors that sport DLP technology, you’d find an RGBCMY color wheel, with six segments. That’s red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. This allows the projector to accurately produce a wider spectrum of color. As you can see, the only two colors missing from the four-segment RGBY color wheel are cyan and magenta.

In the few projectors I’ve reviewed that have the RGBY color wheel, I’ve found that they do indeed have improved color over their RGBW counterparts. That’s not to say that projectors with an RGBW color wheel can’t have excellent color reproduction – many a BenQ home theater projectors with this color wheel produce accurate color. It’s just an added bonus to have that Y aspect in there.

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Instant On/Instant Off

Instant On and Instant Off are two excellent features that probably don’t receive enough credit. With Instant On, the projector turns on within 3 seconds and automatically selects an HDMI or VGA input. Other projectors might take 10 seconds or longer to turn on, and they don’t always automatically select the input.

Now, 7 seconds may not seem like a big deal, but 7 seconds, 5 days a week, 180 days out of the year amounts to just under two hours saved within a typical school year. And that’s if you’re only turning the projector on once per day. Think of all the papers you can grade with your extra time.

As for Instant Off, this is another time saver. Auto power-down, and no cool down time. It’s the no cool down time that gets me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently shut off my projector before shutting down my PlayStation, then had to wait several minutes for the projector to cool down before I could turn it on again and power down the PlayStation.

If you turn a projector back on before it’s done cooling down, it can damage the projector. Not this Vivitek, though! With no cool down time, you can power it on and off as much as you please with no worry for how it will affect the light engine.

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Wireless Capabilities

The Vivitek DH3660Z has wireless capabilities via Vivitek’s NovoConnect. NovoConnect is a product line of external wireless devices that provide wireless connection to the projector from an external device, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Each product within the line has specific features, so the device you choose will be dependent on your needs for it.

NovoConnect NovoPro


• BYOD Collaboration & Presentation
• Up to 64 users
• iOS/Android full mirroring
• Click-n-display with Launcher

NovoConnect NovoEnterprise


• Screen mirroring for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android
• Collaboration
• Flexible GUI
• Enterprise-grade management software
• LauncherPlus Plug-n-Play
• Complete connectivity

NovoConnect NovoDS4k


• HDMI-input, PoE, 1 Gbps LAN Connectivity
• 4K resolution
• Online content widgets
• Flexible, Easy-to-Create Layouts
• Intuitive Easy-to-Use Software
• Centralized Device Management
• Open Software API

NovoConnect NovoCast


• BYOD cross-platform mirroring
• AirPlay & Google Cast Support
• Support to connect up to 8 Participants
• Collaboration tools – File-sharing, AirNote Annotating
• Moderation and Screen Preview
• Centralized Management

NovoConnect LauncherPlus


• Direct Connectivity
• Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
• One-Click Control

NovoConnect NovoDS


• Digital signage appliance
• 4K resolution
• Intuitive playlist editing
• Remote management over network

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